Resetting MF4370dn To Factory Defaults

I had recently decided to make adjustments to my Canon ImageClass MF4370DN, but forgot the password that I had normally “Set and Forget”. I’ve spent hours searching on Canon’s Website, Manuals, and forums for a solution and all these Canon specific sites were more or less useless!!! <– 3 exclamations.

Luckily Google had some cached pages that had provided me a result.I had got impatient and was ready to pull out the ram on the printer, but found a solution just in time. I forgot to take note of the website (sorry Source).Here are the steps to put your Canon ImageClass MF4370DN into Service Mode so you can perform tasks as resetting everything or just a few things like Passwords. Please note this is not recommended for regular usage and that you are doing this at your own risk, and I will not be held liable for any errors that you encounter. This is purely informational!

  1. Turn on Printer
  2. Enter MENU
  3. Press # then scroll through the options you want to change

This will remove the system password for the Printer and the WebUI. There are many other options to adjust on the printer using this menu so BE CAREFUL!