now using Mithril.js and Bulma CSS now using Mithril.js and Bulma CSS!

It has been a slow experiment but today the site has been updated with a new codebase using Mithril.js. I wanted to play around more with rendering frameworks, Vue.js, Ember, Riot and after some research felt like Mithril ticked all the boxes of a “full-stack” that includes: view, “component”, routing and XHR. Bonus, the library came in around 8KB gzipped.

The original codebase was written in ReactJS with JSX, SuperAgent, Reflux and utilized some heavy WebPack configurations. The new codebase uses Mithril.js with some webpack, and gulp. Since Mithril provided the whole stack of utilities it was pretty easy to get started since the analysis paralysis of “which library to do ” was immediately thrown out the window and I can get right into coding.

Although the site is not complex, the experiment was a good gauge on comparing coding styles with ReactJS and Mithril. It was nice to play with Mithril for the feeling of using just Vanilla JS and a very clean and simple CSS framework called Bulma.

Check it out and let me know what you think!