Car Vinyl Wrap for FatnFly

Here is a sample of my designs on a Hyundai Genesis for FatnFly. It was designed for Sailun Tires ( and wrapped by ( for the 2011 SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Graphiti did such a nice job of wrapping it and matching the color I wanted for the pink.

Speaking of pink….Sailun’s colors are orange and I was under criticism for this but I wanted to experiment how it would have looked in pink. This was inspired mainly by the grills on the fenders and the hood that had accents of pink. FatnFly mentioned he would like it and so we just rolled with it (cheap pun intended).

I created the pattern in pink as well as the overall designs. It was intended to have an orient styling to it without being so strong. I worked with a couple of the Graphiti guys to get the right colors to match as well as the right angles to flow with the Genesis’ bodyline. I really enjoyed how this turned out from the colors, the arrangement of logos and the little accents of gloss on matte vinyl. That 3M vinyl is some tough s***.